Meditation Teacher Certificate   

This fully accredited  course is great for anyone who wishes to develop their own meditation skills and also those who want to set up their own meditation groups within the community and support others.  This course will:

Allow the learner to develop a clear understanding of the principles and practical application of meditation for use with self, in 1-1 sessions and in group environments.  Provide a balance of literary knowledge and hands on training experience through sharing of information, practical application in a classroom setting and a written exam at the end of the course.   Provide the learner with an understanding of the types of meditation techniques available to allow for self-expression and development in their own niche area of meditation.  Introduce the concept of mindfulness and visualisation to encourage development of own meditation scripts and personalised classes as well as 1-1 meditation coaching sessions.  Impart valuable knowledge on the energetic centre of self (chakras) to help the learner to understand blockages, kundalini and optimum health.  Instill knowledge of the benefits of meditation with a holistic approach to healing the ‘whole’ person whilst understanding the benefits to both the physical and energetic self.  Provide a basic ‘business management’ tool kit, including; how to run a session, pricing, advertising, class size and insurance, from which learners can move forward in confidence to run meditation groups within their local communities.  Equip the learner with the necessary knowledge and practical skills required to work in a professional capacity as a qualified meditation teacher.

This course is structured over 3 days and full attendance is required for theory input, practicals and final assessment.  Modules include:

  1. Definition and principles of Meditation

  2. History of meditation

  3. Why meditation is important in modern society

  4. Obstacles to meditation practice

  5. Types of meditation practice

  6. Benefits of meditation for the whole self

  7. Understanding the Chakras

  8. Understanding Mindfulness and the differences of this and meditation

  9. Understanding Visualisation 

  10. Posture and meditation positions

  11. Body scanning – 7-point body check

  12. Breath Meditation

  13. Using the senses Meditation – Taste, Touch, Sound, Sight

  14. Colour meditation

  15. Mindfulness meditation - Naming a thought, Naming the emotion

  16. Guided meditations

  17. Chakra Clear and connect

  18. Tibetan bowls for meditation

  19. Subliminal tones and their use

  20. How to guide and hold space for meditation including relaxation techniques

  21. How to write your own meditation scripts and structure classes

  22. Common questions asked by participants in a meditation class and how to address them  

  23. Tool kit for running your own meditation groups and 1-1 sessions

  24. Marketing and insurance

  25. Equipment and pricing


Practical exam - Prepare and deliver a 20-minute meditation class for the group

Written exam - Written exam on the key principles of meditation

The cost of this fully accredited Meditation Practitioner course is £325.  Upon completion students will receive a certificate which qualifies you to practice as a meditation teacher.  You will be able to obtain insurance and set up your own meditation groups and even run your own business.  In addition you will get a comprehensive workbook and continued support.  To book on please visit my Facebook page for upcoming courses or contact me direct on 07931 428 128.  To complete this course via my online training academy please click here.